With the lack of attention on women’s health in recent years, many insurance companies are focusing on women’s health and are raising awareness of the importance of regular screenings. Some medical insurance companies incentivize their insurers to quit smoking and drinking and have regular Pap Smears and Mammograms. These efforts aim at improving, guiding, and inspiring women to better health.

At Real People Life, we strive to partner with people in their life journey and support they need for peace of mind when faced with life-changing events. Some insurance companies are like-minded and see value in specifically designing packages that suit women only. Within the car insurance industry, research has shown that in South Africa women are safer drivers and are less prone to car-related accidents.

Accordingly, women can reap the benefits of being the safer and more responsible gender. They pay a lower premium compared to men and have access to a host of amazing added benefits. First for Women offer their insurers their very own Guardian Angel on Call which includes benefits such as a mobile crash detector, trackable and trustworthy towing and emergency medical care.

Furthermore, women have access to Road Assist which assists in times of a flat tyre, an empty fuel tank, or safe company while waiting for a tow. Another well-considered offering by First for Women is their Portable Possessions Insurance cover. This package allows basic items that women always carry to be covered, such as jewellery, handbags, and even clothing. For many women, innovation like this is hard to come by. 

Similarly, within the medical insurance industry, women need specific and unique insurance products that help them live and work more conveniently. The First for Women Medical Scheme aims to provide top-notch care when women need it most. Not only do women have access to emergency medical transport in the case of an accident, but they also have access to a 24/7 assistance line. For health-related issues such as fever, blurred vision, insomnia, abrasions, and allergies women can get advice that is just a phone call away.

With insurance that is specifically catered to women, insurance companies can offer industry-leading cover for their insurers. By incentivizing women to meet regular screening requirements, insurance companies help change the way women’s health is known and understood. 


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