DebiCheck is a new debit order system that will allow consumers better control of the debit order deductions that come off of their bank accounts. DebiCheck is the solution that South African banks and the South African Reserve Bank have come up with to protect consumers and banks alike against the erroneous deductions or non-payment of debit order amounts.

Once an agreement has been entered into with a service provider, the consumer’s bank will be notified of the conditions of the agreement after it has been entered into and as a result, the bank and the consumer will be fully aware of all debit order deductions that will be deducted from the consumer’s bank account in future.

But what happens if the consumer wants to change the conditions of their debit order?

It is important to make sure that the consumer’s bank has their correct cell number, as a starting point, as this will be the first step in communication with their bank that the debit order is allowed to be processed. It must be noted, however, that this process only needs to be entered into once at the initial phase on entering into the agreement with their service provider and only needs to be reconfirmed again with their bank should there be any changes to the contract terms (such as a change in payment amounts or payment dates).

If, however, the consumer wants to cancel their debit order, it must be noted that the consumer must communicate directly with their service provider (and not their bank) to arrange this. Once arranged, the DebiCheck system will facilitate this arrangement to ensure that the cancellation process is handled as speedily as possible.

Are my details secure and protected?

The DebiCheck system is a secure system that will handle all your debit order information according to the privacy standards that are regulated by the banking industry. At the start of the agreement, consumers should take note that their bank will not request that you give out your bank details to them (including your pin, password, or card pin). Should a request like this be sent to you, it is most likely to be a scam.

Is the DebiCheck system a complicated system to use?

The DebiCheck system will require a bit of extra time at the start of the agreement as you will need to confirm the details of the debit order with your bank again. The process, however, will most likely be a straightforward one where a simple confirmation (for example the typing in of a confirmation code) will be required to confirm that all details of the debit order contract (including your contact details) are correct and up to date, before allowing your bank to proceed with the debit order deduction. Confirmation will thus be issued either via your mobile or through internet banking, whichever method you should so choose to use.

Will this affect my current debit orders?

 The DebiCheck system came into effect legally on the 1st of May and will soon become the only way of entering into debit order agreements by the end of 2021.  However, until this happens, all your existing debit orders that were entered into before the DebiCheck system was introduced will remain as is subject to any changes that may be introduced towards the end of the year. The DebiCheck system is the way forward regarding the processing of debit orders to ensure the debit order collection process is as effective as possible; to minimise errors and misunderstandings, and to ensure accuracy and validity when it comes to debit order deductions.

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