When situations arise that are detrimental to our mental health, such as the current pandemic, we can forget that we have the power to choose what we focus on, that we can realign our thinking with positive thoughts instead of focusing on all the negatives. Sometimes though, this is easier said than done when conditions such as uncertain financial outcomes, mental health challenges, and grief threaten to overwhelm us.

The current pandemic and its devastating effect on our lives and our livelihoods has been an insurmountable obstacle for many of us to overcome. However as we start to see glimpses of normality starting to return, there’s no better time than now to start readjusting our thought patterns to look forward to what is to come. If you find that you are still struggling to cope, then the following tips might just help you to get started by focusing first on your mental health:

  • The trend of online learning is taking off fast so why not take the opportunity to upskill yourself by taking advantage of the many free courses that are available online? Improving your skill set will give you the boost in confidence you might need to refocus your purpose. If you lost your job because of the pandemic, it may also give you the marketable edge you will need to be able to secure employment in the future.
  • Spend time outside – being outdoors, whether just relaxing, meditating, or going for a short jog can do wonders for your mental health. It has been proven that simply being outside and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature can boost your mental health significantly which can help you to cope better with a wide of range emotions such as anxiety, depression, and even grief. So, take some time to just step out in the warm sunshine and breathe in some glorious fresh air – you’ll be glad you did.
  • If you find that you are still struggling to cope then it may be best to reach out to a trained professional that can help guide you on the pathway to achieving better mental health.

The pandemic has affected so many areas of our lives and has been particularly devastating on the livelihoods of many people. If your finances have taken a knock, then taking a step back (when we would probably want to rush forward) can give you a clearer perspective and a new strategy to tackle the difficulties ahead.

  • Start by reassessing your budget. Focus on areas where you can alleviate some of the financial pressure. Evaluating your budget with a more stringent eye might show you expenses you can cut that you don’t really need. You could also think of restructuring or refinancing any loans you may have to take advantage of the best possible interest rates.
  • Take this as a lesson well learned and an opportunity to become more financially savvy by becoming more invested in what drives or takes away from your bank balance. And then start focusing on how you can leverage the lessons learned to safeguard yourself from incurring financial loss in the future no matter what the situation.

While COVID has wreaked havoc on the world, we have also learned much about ourselves along the way. Perhaps it has taught us to be more adaptable or to face challenges more proactively rather than reactively, to plan ahead and plan more thoroughly. Stay safe and stay strong.

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