The coronavirus is another reminder of how important it is to have a funeral product in place; to protect loved ones, to relieve financial stress should you pass away and to afford funeral costs for a dependant should they pass away.

When it comes to insurance policies, funeral cover is often low down on the priority list. Many of us have more pressing monthly commitments to worry about and other types of insurance, such as car and household, seem to offer more immediate benefits. However healthy we might feel or young we may be, we are not invincible, and this pandemic is showing us just that.

Many people think that getting a funeral policy is confusing and costly and they fail to investigate their options. Where previously one may have had to endure physically visiting different insurance providers’ offices or consult with an advisor, modern technology allows you to do all this online. With this kind of access, all you need to do is compare the policies and simply select the one that best suits you and your family’s requirements and budget.

Why should you have a funeral policy?

You have Cash on Hand

The greatest benefit is knowing that, should one of your loved ones pass away, you will be able to cover the cost of the funeral arrangements and not fall into debt, giving you some peace of mind. You may feel financially safeguarded in the event of your own death, but legal proceedings often mean that your estate may be tied up for months or even years. In this case it’s in your family’s interest to have a funeral policy.

Other Immediate Expenses are Covered

If you pass away and were the breadwinner, this can lead to financial strain on your family when it comes to immediate expenses like groceries and school fees. A funeral policy can ensure your family still gets a monthly income for a set period of time after your death.

Your Policy Covers Other Members

Having a funeral policy also allows you to cover members of your household, including parents. Should any of them pass away, funeral costs and other related expenses are taken care of which alleviates financial strain.

Looking for funeral insurance might seem like a confusing task and an unnecessary expense, but it is challenging times such as these that remind us to take it seriously. Having adequate funeral cover alleviates stress during an already difficult time, allowing you to focus on your family. With the current lockdown, we urge everyone to take this seriously, follow the precautions and health guidelines and be safe. We’ll see you on the other side.

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