The world, pre-Covid, seems like a distant memory.  One day our generation will look back and maybe words like “the good old days” will be a refrain for the days before “the Virus”.

The medical research community has, since the start of this Global pandemic, spent countless hours and funds on the development of vaccines and according to the World Health Organisation there are at least 13 different vaccines that have been and are being developed and tested.

There is also a plethora of information available on the internet and social media about the vaccines – some factual, some misinformation or fake news, it would seem everyone has an opinion.

So are there real facts that one can draw on amidst all the confusion?

In SA, the vaccination roll-out has commenced and to date (19 July 2021), 5.05 million doses have been administered with 1.67 million citizens fully vaccinated. This equates to around 2.9% of the SA population.

There are 2 vaccines available in SA: The Pfizer/BioNtech (which requires 2 injections on separate days) and the Janssen/Ad26.COV.2S of Johnson & Johnson.

At the moment, all citizens older than 35 years of age are urged to register and go for the vaccination.  Registering for the vaccine is very easy and can be done through various avenues:

  • Short Code SMS *134*832*YOUR_IDNumber#
  • WhatsApp “REGISTER” to 0600 123 456
  • If you do not have an ID number just SMS *134*832#

As soon as you have registered via the Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) you will receive notification via SMS regarding an appointment and vaccination site.  It has really been made as simple and user friendly as possible.  Vaccination sites have popped up all over the country and are easily accessible.

There are various websites that are very helpful and can give information and direction regarding the vaccinations:

Remember that a vaccination is not intended to stop you from ever being infected by a virus, but rather helps your body build up the necessary immunity to fight off the virus quickly, which in turn lowers cases that require hospitalisation and fatalities. We continue to urge all citizens to keep observing the regulations that we are so well versed in by now: social distancing, washing of hands, wearing of masks and staying home as much as we can.

Keep safe, stay positive, test negative!

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