Family Assistance Plan

Ensure you and your loved ones are able to meet the financial demands that are left behind after the passing of a loved one. Use the cash payout to settle debt, pay for school fees, buy groceries or even for the funeral arrangements. You decide where the money is spent and where it will best suit you and your family.

Your Plan

Choose from a R30,000 or R20,000 cash payout

Plans start from under R100

Cover Adult Dependents up to the age of 74

Cover Child Dependents up to the age of 18 (Child Cover is extended until they turn 25 years of age if they are covered by the policy)

Simple T&C’s, easy to understand

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Am I COVERED if I miss a premium payment?

Provided the very first premium payable has been received by the Insurer, and you have completed the respective waiting period, you will be covered in the month you have missed a premium, but subject to the Lapse rules.

When will I not have COVER?
  1. If you have not paid your first monthly premium, you will not be covered in the event of your, or a dependents death.
  2. You will not be covered if you die while committing a criminal offence.
  3. You will not be covered if your policy has lapsed, or you have cancelled your policy.
Does my monthly premium INCREASE?
The monthly premium is fixed for the first 12 months, thereafter your policy will increase by R7 on the R30, 000 Plan and by R5 on the R20, 000 Plan.
When will my COVER start?

As the Main Life/Policyholder, your cover will start immediately after the Insurer has received your first premium. You will ONLY be covered for Accidental causes in the 1st 6 months, thereafter Natural and Accidental causes.

Will my dependents have a WAITING PERIOD?

Any and all dependents that are included on the policy will be subject to a waiting period for natural causes. However, all dependents will be covered for Accidental causes once the first premium has been received by the Insurer.

How long is the WAITING PERIOD?

The waiting period, for Natural causes, for all dependents will end 6 months after the Insurer has received your 1st premium.

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