Credit Protection Plan

This plan is added to your Home Improvement Finance Loan to ensure you and your loved ones are able to meet the commitments of the loan should you pass away, become disabled or are retrenched.

Your Plan

On death and permanent disability your Home Improvement Finance loan will be settled in full

On temporary disability and retrenchment your instalments will be paid for up to 12 months

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Who receives the payout in the event of a CLAIM?

The credit provider will receive the first benefit pay out, once the full outstanding debt has been settled any surplus benefit will be paid out to the nominated beneficiary.

Will my loan be settled in FULL?

Once the claim has been approved, the loan will only be settled in full should the Policyholder die or become permanently disabled. If the Policyholder opted for the additional cover for full settlement on temporary disability, then the loan would be settled in full upon temporary disability.

What will happen if I am RETRENCHED?

Should the Policyholder be retrenched and a claim is approved, then the loan instalments would be covered by the Insurer for a period of 12 months OR until such time as the policyholder is employed again, whichever is the SHORTEST period.

When will my POLICY start?

Your Policy will start immediately after the Insurer has received your first premium.

How long is the WAITING PERIOD?

There are different waiting periods for the various benefits, it is VERY important that you read the Policy Certificate you would have received with your loan agreement.

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